Top Alteryx Alternatives to Consider in 2022

Cascade Team
August 3, 2022

Alteryx has been the best data analytics software for organizations to use for a long time now. However, there are many other alternatives that organizations can consider as an option when building their own data transformation platform. In this article, we will be discussing some of those alternatives that have been trending lately in the industry.

Why is Alteryx no longer the best?

Alteryx is no longer the best for two reasons: companies have moved their data to the cloud, and the cost of Alteryx makes it prohibitive. With its incredible capabilities, Alteryx has been a top choice for many data analysts for years. But there are now other options that can provide similar functionality at a lower cost or with less required time and effort.

Many companies are looking to reduce their spend on software licenses, which can get expensive when they're used across multiple departments or offices. Instead of Alteryx, they're opting for cloud-based products that are both more cost-effective and more aligned with the rest of their data stacks. Because these solutions tend not to be as complex as full-fledged SaaS platforms like Alteryx (and therefore require less training), organizations are able to save money while still having access to powerful analytics tools that meet their needs.

Knime vs Alteryx

How to use KNIME for data science | InfoWorld

Knime is a Swiss Army knife for data science. It can be used for data preparation, data exploration, model building and deployment. While Alteryx is also regarded as a powerful tool for preparing and analyzing data, it's limited to the scope of analytics.

Knime uses a modular architecture that lets you combine different tools into your own workflow. This approach allows users to skip steps they don't need in order to get straight to the desired result while still having access to those tools they need at some point.

Tableau Prep vs Alteryx

Tableau Prep (Project Maestro) is here: Redefining your data prep experience

Tableau Prep is a data preparation tool that helps you make sense of your data by automating procedures like reformatting, cleaning and connecting to other data sources. It’s easier to use than Alteryx and less expensive as well. However, it does not offer the same level of flexibility or scalability as Alteryx.

While it shares many capabilities with Alteryx, true to its name Tableau Prep is designed to prepare data for visualization in Tableau rather than as a full-fledged analytics solution. Those seeking the latter may be disappointed.

Cascade vs Alteryx

If you need a solution that's easy to use, cloud-based, and much less expensive than Alteryx, is an excellent option. Cascade has many features similar to Alteryx—like data preparation, analysis and analytic apps—but it also allows you to easily collaborate and automate easily. This feature is especially useful for teams who want their entire team involved in the process without each member having to learn how to use a complex tool like Alteryx.

The cost of using Cascade is also significantly less than using Alteryx, allowing for broader usage of analytics throughout an organization. Cascade can be used to create sharable data apps like this one:

This is a data app, built without code

Cascade allows anyone to build elegant, sharable apps using data -- without using code.

For those looking for cloud-based solutions, Cascade tops the list.

If you're looking for a cloud-based solution, Cascade tops the list. It's easy to use and powerful, allowing you to create data models without any coding experience. You can use it with no additional costs—you only pay for the number of users that are accessing your data models. Cascade is scalable and will grow with your company's needs as it grows.

Cascade uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so you don't have to worry about learning how to code or what syntax works best for each function—just drag in your data and get started!