Uncovering New Opportunities Through Cascade-Powered Customer Segmentation

Jacob Kahn
December 19, 2022

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing a customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics. Companies use this analysis to gain a better understanding of their customer base and create more effective marketing strategies. Automating customer segmentation has become increasingly important for market researchers and customer-focused professionals, as it allows them to quickly respond to market stimuli, devise an improved marketing strategy, and create an effective go-to-market plan. Cascade's Integrations and Custom Tools empower users to access customer segmentation data in real-time, share calculations and transformations, and execute intricate data joins from multiple sources. With this information, marketing professionals can focus their efforts on customers with the highest yielding products, maximizing their returns.

This is a data app, built without code

Cascade allows anyone to build elegant, sharable apps using data -- without using code.

Data Preparation

Data Sources

Cascade provides users with a variety of supported Integrations to connect their data storage locations to customer data, transaction data, surveys and market research. This allows customer segmentation data to be accessed in real-time, without having to wait for reports from IT or rely on specific data file types and structures. The live Integration removes the hassle and worry of manual exports, allowing organizations to streamline their data-driven processes.

Custom Tools and Dynamic Workflows

Cascade's Custom Tools empower users to share calculations and transformations, streamlining the data processing and inquiry process. This is especially helpful in customer segmentation grouping, saving time for siloed analysts. Not only do Custom Tools minimize the manual effort of updating the same process in multiple locations, they also foster a culture of transparency and idea sharing. Individuals and teams throughout the organization can benefit from the research of another group or individual, promoting collaboration and productivity. Custom Tools can be shared with users in the same workspace, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the same efficient processes.

Age Demographics

Customer Segmentation

Joining Data

Cascade provides users with the capability to execute intricate data joins from multiple sources. With regards to customer segmentation, analysts have a variety of options to pivot and filter the data. To illustrate this point, Cascade enables analysts to link the top sold products and top purchasers to determine which items the highest paying customers are buying.

By studying the make-up of sales generated by the most popular product and the greatest purchasers, marketing professionals are able to gain insight into their target demographic and the products that are most lucrative. With this information, the marketing team can focus their efforts to maximize their returns by concentrating their campaigns on those customers with the highest yielding products.


Cascade bolsters customer segmentation by automating the process, freeing up valuable time for analysts and professionals to focus on more strategic tasks. By providing up-to-the-minute data and insights, Cascade can help to identify opportunities for growth and market expansion. This helps to ensure that customers are served more effectively and that businesses are able to make the most of new opportunities.