Cascade for Operations Teams

Go from data, to insights, to action

without code

Automate operational dashboards or data conversions all without code. You don’t need an engineer to put the right data, in the right hands, at the right time.

Deliver interactive apps on live data

Cascade offers a no-code data transformation toolkit, allowing teams to translate raw data into the information their teams need and deliver it as tables, charts or interactive apps. Some examples of data put to work:

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Import and Explore Live Data From Anywhere

The best insights are live and up to date. Build your analysis on live data -- from a database, spreadsheet or other source.

Automate data logic

Clean, combine and analyze data using Cascade's suite of no-code tools. Once a workflow is built, set it on autopilot to refresh automatically.

Works with the skills you have, the tools you use and the people you trust

Work with your team to create auditable, repeatable flows for the data that matters most.

Share seamlessly, plug in the tools you already use and take back your time.