Cascade for Customer Data Onboarding

Integrate your product with your customers' data, without code

Cascade’s data pipelines improve integration timelines by up to 50%. Integrate, validate and ingest customer data into your product without relying on engineering.
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“Importing new client data at scale is a huge chore. Cleaning, transforming, merging... Now all happens in one place. Cascade.”
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Build cross-company data pipelines without code

Use Cascade’s integrations to connect your customer’s data sources to your system, all without code. Cascade supports major data warehouses, spreadsheets, and other sources.

Collaborate on data transformation and validation

Work with your customer to create the transformations necessary to integrate with your product. When transformations are complete, automatic validation ensures consistency and accuracy.

Set your workflows on autopilot

Set flows on daily or hourly schedules to ensure up-to-date results. Recieve alerts when data fails validation or cannot be ingested, then set your workflows on autopilot.

Start from a template

See how other teams in the Cascade Community are turning their data into action.
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