Use Cases

Client Pricing & Invoicing

For companies with complex operations, correctly allocating costs and billing clients can be enormously complicated. Automating these processes is necessary to stay on track, but with rates and costs that can fluctuate, how do you make updates without disrupting the whole process.

Use a Cascade workflow to import company activities and compare them with an updated pricing table, and ultimately generate a table by client of costs to be billed. The customizability of cascade new tables allows for easy overrides and markups when needed.

  • Import client invoice data and join to date truth table for easy date classification on invoices
  • Update rates in custom product rate table and join to invoices based on product and client
  • Calculate new costs and billing prices
  • Export updated billing data to use in creating new invoices


While it's technically an input, the product rate table below is a simple version of an easily editable table in the workflow that allows updates and overrides to an otherwise standard automated process.

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)

Using the new product/client rates provided in the table above, we can create a table with a new rate column to use moving forward for billing.

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)