Use Cases

Off-Track Shipment Alerts

From microchip shortages to container ships blocking canals, shipping delays have skyrocketed recently, impacting the global economy. Let's take a look at a specific example and how Cascade can help businesses be proactive in tracking packages while they're still in transit.

We can use a cascade workflow to track shipments and set up alerts if packages are running late. In this example, we use a dataset of Fedex shipping data to track packages.

  • First, we'll isolate packages that are still en route to their destinations
  • Next create an on/off track flag for shipments based on planned vs actual shipment times
  • Filter out those off-track shipments and create and alert using a scheduler and publish to email
  • Take the analysis further and compare on/off-track shipments across details like timing, destination, etc.


Finally, we have our off-track shipments, but we need to share this information to teammates who can dig in further and work on getting these shipments back on track. We'll use publish to email which will send an email with the list of off-track shipments to relevant parties.

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)

We can visualize and compare the off-track shipments to on-track shipments by day of the month, for example, easily within our workflow using a cascade chart operation.

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)