Use Cases

Repair Dispatcher Instructions

Scooter Rentals are a fun, inexpensive method of transport. But wear and tear takes a toll, and scooters often need to be brought back to the warehouse for repair or replacement. For a small set of scooters it may be easy to track this, but at scale though, it's much more difficult to flag scooters in need of repair. This problem must be solved with data, data captured by the scooters themselves.

There are several characteristics in the data, that we can use to identify a potentially broken scooter. Using a cascade workflow we can isolate these scooters and trigger emails to dispatchers for collection in just a few steps:

  • Calculate total miles and trips per scooter and filter for heavily used scooters
  • Filter out scooters that had been rented, but traveled zero miles, or could not make it out of the geo zone
  • Combine lists of broken scooters and remove duplicates
  • Join the list of broken scooters to dispatcher region assignments and trigger emails to each dispatcher with scooters ids for them to collect


The dispatcher receives a daily summary of how many scooters in each zone are flagged for repair along with a list of the scooters they are responsible for.

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)

(Charts and tables are live embeds of assets produced in Cascade)