Case Study

Unlocking Client Growth by Automating Finance Ops

How automation unlocked a new growth paradigm at Workrise
Automated a 50-step data transformation process
Saved employees an hour per client per week
Freed up bandwidth to take on more clients
Workrise is a provider of workforce solutions across 6 key industries in the energy and infrastructure sectors.
Their worker base is massive, with more than 250,000 employees and over 6 million hours billed in 2019.
With 22 locations across the country, Workrise is experiencing growth and market share on a national scale.

The Problem

As an intermediary between Oil & Gas clients and their vendors, Workrise’s Connect product had a slow and tricky invoicing and payments process.

Companies wanted to pay later, vendors wanted to be paid earlier, and Connect addressed the complex manual invoicing between those competing timelines.

However, as Workrise began to scale their client base, they realized something – with their current data toolkit, an increase in client demand meant a 1-to-1 increase in manual data manipulation. The process of adjusting and reconciling their workforce data was quickly becoming a major roadblock for business development.

The Process

Prior to Cascade, the process of exporting, cleansing, and re-importing data took hours each week.

For every client, invoicing reps would have to:

  • Export data from NetSuite to Excel
  • Cleanse that data via a 50-step manual process
  • Transfer the cleansed data from Excel back into NetSuite

This analytical bottleneck meant that, for Workrise to take on more clients, they absolutely had to hire more employees to keep up.

That is, until Sid Gutta, a Marketplace Operations team member at Workrise, came across Cascade.

Between Sid and I, we worked out the original flow for Workrise’s invoicing processes in about 5 or 6 hours. It’s a very easy tool to pick up.
Joel Cheney-Philip
Data Analyst

Why Cascade?

Cascade stood out to Workrise for a few key, compelling reasons:

Browser Based, for Mac and PC

Most of the Marketplace Operations team at Workrise use Macs, meaning that a Windows-exclusive solution was out of the question.

Collaborative Workflows

The ability to build logic flows as a team enabled Sid and his partners to work out the flow for their new invoicing process in only a few hours.

Big Data Toolkit, Little Price

Cascade offers an impressive suite of tools at a fraction of the cost of competitors, as well as a free single-user option that makes getting started with Cascade easy and stress-free.

The Results

  • By integrating Snowflake and Google Sheets into Cascade, Workrise was able to easily automate the transformation and processing of invoice data.
  • With our collaborative tool, the invoicing team was empowered to do their jobs better and faster, together.
  • Workrise reps are now saving up to 15 hours a week by using Cascade workflows, freeing up valuable time that can be dedicated to taking on more clients.
It's collaborative, it's super helpful... Early on, we were like, ‘This is exactly what we need.’
Sid Gutta
Marketplace Strategy & Operations

What’s Next for Workrise?

The improvements to Connect have been felt across the organization – riding this success, Workrise now has 28 Cascade workflows in place and has already identified even more opportunities throughout the company to put Cascade to work.

Revenue Quality Checks

Better compliance and quality are possible through daily automated checks instead of manual processes.

Data Visualization

Teams in various departments are eager to make Cascade their go-to visualization tool for sharing insights.

Demand Modeling

Workrise can use Cascade to predict client demand more accurately via internal and public datasets.
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